Pittsburgh Emerging Arts Leaders Network

Diversity in the arts is ____________


Thank you to everyone who attended and supported last night’s Creative Conversation on “Cultivating Diversity” at the Union Project! We know there was a lot going on last night, but it was clear by our large crowd of 46 participants that this was a topic of great importance to our local arts community. I was honored to be on the panel with such smart, impressive people–Joseph Hall, Bee Schindler, and Alecia Shipman–and facilitated by our own local expert on the issue, Chase Patterson.

As an educator, I’m big on takeaways, or what people are taking away from the event. I totally want to hear what your takeaways from the night are, and to get the conversation started, here are some “big ideas” that I left with:

Diversity in the arts is _________

What is your answer to the statement, “Diversity in the arts is ________”?

What ideas or questions are still percolating?

What topics or issues weren’t addressed last night that you wish we would have touched upon?