Pittsburgh Emerging Arts Leaders Network

Connecting emerging arts managers with skill-building and leadership development resources.

National Emerging Leader Blog Salon – Begins Today

This week, join your arts peers around the country in a virtual conversation on Artsblog, where the Emerging Leaders Network will have a discussion about Leveraging Impact for the Future.  Americans for the Arts has invited leaders of local Emerging Leaders Networks across the country (just like Pittsburgh’s) to create blog posts that focused on the idea of change by examining four major areas of our work:  advocacy; civil discourse; public, private, and social sector partnerships; and nonprofit and arts leadership development.

This week, these bloggers will answer questions such as:

  •  How does your community spark development in the four areas of our work at the local level?
  • How can our organizations and communities leverage arts patronage and arts participation into broader community-based solutions to economic and social problems?
  • What actions must emerging leaders and networks take now to push the arts sector into a sustainable and socially meaningful future?
  • In what ways must tomorrow’s arts leaders also serve as community leaders?
  • Please read along, comment, and share your own thoughts along the way about what’s going on in your organizations and communities. We look forward to hearing what you all think!

Questions? Contact Stephanie Evans Hanson, Leadership Development Program Manager for Americans for the Arts, at 202.371.2830 or by email.


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