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Ever wonder how your Social Media strategies measure up?

Have you spent countless hours uploading photos to Flickr/designing Facebook ads/tweeting about what your ED had for lunch/moderating the unsavory comments posted to your blog? Do you ever wonder how all your efforts measure up with like-sized organizations around the country? Or maybe you secretly want to know a little bit more about TED and their social media efforts.

If any of the above cases describes you, Social media researcher Devon Smith and Theatre Bay Area have produced The Tangled Web: Social Media and the Arts, a 30-page social media benchmarking report, just to let you know where your organization stands in the Social Media Hierarchy.

In it you can find how many followers each org has, if they tweet and are retweeted (and the frequency of both) and so much more.

It’s really interesting – so get comfortable and get ready to be jealous of how many fans TED has on Facebook.

Here’s the full report:



One response to “Ever wonder how your Social Media strategies measure up?

  1. Jeanine June 24, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    Hi Rebecca,

    I just clicked on the link and it’s broken, anyway you can update with a new link?


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